Puddle of dog

Studio Rationale is pleased to welcome a new member to the team.

His portfolio may be somewhat lacking, his client-facing skills are frankly excitable, but this little guy is full of creativity (mischief) and smarts. Introducing Puddle …

Puddle joined the Studio back in February, but his arrival came during a very busy period, hence the delay in this official announcement.

While the Studio has been busy producing creative for the likes of Toronto Botanical Garden, the Hawk Conservancy Trust, Moventi and new client, Orpago (welcome Tom!), Puddle has been familiarising himself with the Studio setup. Systematically testing its strength, integrity … and patience, Puddle has already identified a few key areas for improvement. We look forward to addressing these shortcomings sooner rather than later.

Already proving himself an invaluable contributor to the creative process, I hope you will join me in welcoming him to the team.

Puddle came to us at 7 weeks of age and is now pushing 15. Along with the rest of his litter, Puddle was taken in by Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue, based in Hamilton, ON, before coming home with us. The mix of miniature Aussie Shepherd and ‘black and tan mutt’ has left us guessing as to just how big he will get, but recent indications hint towards something resembling a German Shepherd, or possibly a Fruit Bat.

Selecting Puddle was an easy decision for us … not only did his personality show through from the outset, but it’s hard to walk away from a puppy – they’re pretty cute, you know. As a rescue dog, you could argue that he is one of the lucky ones but the fact is puppies are relatively easy to adopt, it is the older dogs up for adoption that need all the luck they can get.

Ugly Mutts’ mission is to rescue and provide safe loving sanctuary to as many homeless dogs as possible and to ensure they are adopted into suitable loving homes with committed adopters. They believe that a life is a life, and regardless of whether you are a purebred dog or a mix of 10 different breeds, whether your previous owner cared for you lovingly or you were dumped along the side of the road as a puppy, all dogs are deserving of our compassion and care.

I cannot speak highly enough of the work this organisation is involved with. Our interactions with the Ugly Mutts team were professional and timely, and the adoption process smooth. I would like to thank them once again for allowing us to welcome this guy into the family and would happily recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a dog in the future.

You can find a current list of adoptable dogs here.